Bali Bride: Your Future in Love
together     You have found each other and are ready for the Wedding!
     So lets start planning
  • Set the Wedding date.
  • Set your budget for the Wedding.
  • Prepare a guest list and make sure they can come to Bali for the Wedding.
  • Decide whether to have a religious or a commitment ceremony .
  • Decide on location for the ceremony and the reception. Choose here
  • Choose your honeymoon location and hotel. We can arrange all bookings.
  • Arrange for dresses and suits. Either bring these with you or we can make them for you.
  • Book with us well in advance to ensure everything is available for that day.
  • Organise passports, visas and vaccinations ( ensure passports do not expire within 6 months of arrival ).
  • Book flights and hotels for guests. As always we can arrange accomodation
  • Now lets decide on the ceremony
Your CeremonyIt is important to decide from the start if you require a legally binding wedding or a commitment ceremony. Weddings in Bali are legal in other countries providing you comply with these local regulations.
  • A religious ceremony must be performed
  • Both parties must be of the same religion
  • The following religions are recognised: Hindu, Islam, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist
  • A declaration of no impediment needs to be made with your local consul. This is a statement that you are free to marry. If you are divorced you will need your final decree for this
  • An additional civil ceremony is required, except for Islamic couples

We will assist you with all legal requirements as needed. There are a number of chapels in Bali especially for weddings and also local churches. Ceremonies can also be performed at a villa or hotel, on the beach or even on a boat. Religious ceremonies will follow your religion, commitment ceremonies can be in any style you wish including a full balinese ceremony. Partners of the same sex are welcome to make a commitment ceremony

Your Wedding, Your Style.
     For the Wedding Dress we recommend a lightweight material without too much frill. An off the shoulder style will help you cope with the warm weather we have in Bali, particularly for an outdoor ceremony. If you do prefer a full wedding dress then an indoor location with air conditioning will be essential. Don't forget the groom! He needs a lightweight jacket, possibly white, to help him keep his cool.
      If you want to have a Balinese style Wedding we can make all the arrangements for the correct clothing and make-up. A Balinese girl will need several hours in makeup to prepare for her Wedding, but the end result is quite stunning.
     No matter what your style we can arrange dresses and jackets, but we will need time to produce them, so bear that in mind when planning your stay.

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