Bali Bride: Your Future in Love

Your Dream Wedding in Paradise.

   We are here to provide a complete service for your wedding and even beyond!   If you have already found each other and are looking for a truly beautiful Wedding in a wonderful setting then let us plan your occassion. We can create a wonderful experience for you in a tropical setting. You can have as much control over the ceremony as you want, or you can leave it all to us. For more details go to our Wedding plan

Looking For Love

   If you are still looking for that special someone and are interested in a loving, caring person then why not join our Bali Bride Club. We have a number of local girls who are looking for a permanent relationship. This is not a dating service, but a serious opportunity to meet and marry some of the kindest, caring people in the world, Don't worry about your age or looks, they are looking for a good heart and someone who will care for them. Join now!

Live in Bali

    If you choose to live in Bali ( and why not! ) then you will be in the island consistently voted the best in the world. We provide a complete service for visas, accomodation, house purchase and retirement. With over 18 years experience we can guarantee all our services are complete and to a high standard. Take a look at what we can do for you.